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Author Topic: The most useful AR apps for your iPhone  (Read 66 times)
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The most useful AR apps for your iPhone

Not a full dive into virtual reality, but you're on your way

From measuring apps to camera add-ons, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed when you go into the App Store and see how many apps have Augmented Reality (AR) available. Obviously, you know which ones are the most fun, but I'm here to show you the ones that are the most useful. These are diamonds in the rough that get lost in the countless, "Make a dinosaur come to life!" and "Put stickers in your world!" apps. I'll start off by saying that every measuring app, yes, every single one are lies.

Ikea Place
Ink Hunter
Star Walk 2
Ikea Place

Most people keep crossing this app off of their radar thinking it's just another app to see how furniture or X item is going to look in their house. While that's half true, the Ikea Place app also has another feature that proves to be incredibly useful. That would be the ability to search the marketplace for an item that's standing in front of you. That's right. Did you ju...

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