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Title: Talkin' 'bout an evolution...
Post by: HCK on April 15, 2016, 04:05:19 pm
Talkin' 'bout an evolution...

Michael Gartenberg has covered the personal technology beat for more than two decades at places like Gartner, Jupiter Research and Altimeter Group. Most recently, he spent a few years at Apple as Sr. Director of Worldwide Product Marketing.




Going from grid to line.

During the 90s, Apple's product lineup was a mess. There were bushels of devices, brands, and confusing sub-brands that made no sense. I say that as an analyst who was paid to try and figure them out. Back then, even Apple's marketing team had trouble explaining it all. And as for customers? Well, they bought a lot of Windows machines...

In 1997, Steve Jobs returned and killed devices like the Newton — sadly, in my humble opinion, but that's another story — then totally revamped Apple's product line into four neat little boxes: Desktop and Mobile, Business and Consumer. That was it.

Today's product line no longer fits into those boxes. It doesn't even try. But should it?


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