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Title: kalyway getting started
Post by: jgreen827 on May 12, 2009, 07:34:01 am
Okay here's my current situation. My goal is to dual boot Vista 64bit and Mac OSX. I have a Sager NP9262 Laptop with the following specs:

Intel Quad Core Processor 2.66Ghz
4GB Ram
Nvidia 8800GTX
Windows Vista Ultimate 64Bit

I have downloaded Kalyway 10.5.2 and have burnt it to a DVD. Now I am having trouble creating a new partition on my single HDD. Right clicking my computer and going into manage and then trying to shrink the volume did not work as I was unable to shrink the volume. So, I downloaded Acronis Disk Director Suite, but I am not sure how to create a new partition through that.

So basically, I need help setting up a seperate partition using Acronis to install OSX on. Also, if someone could direct me in that right direction of what exactly to do after that is done (via a tutorial) that would be much appreciated. I have done a lot of googling and the only conlcusion I have been able to draw is that this is a very complicated process that shouldn't be attempted unless you know what you are doing. Thanks for the help.

Title: Re: kalyway getting started
Post by: jgreen827 on May 12, 2009, 07:34:17 am
Also, I was just testing the disk I made to make sure it booted and it does boot on startup. However, after it boots and I press F8 and "-v" I get white text on the screen and then nothing happens. The final line of the text reads as follows:

Kernel Version:
Darwin Kernel Version 9.2.0: Sun Mar 2 00:11:08 SCT 2008; made by ToH: XNU-1228/Build/Obj/Release_1386

Do I need to wait on this screen longer or is something wrong?

Also, I still need help with partitioning the drive (details in above post).

Thanks again.