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Title: iTunes Hooks Up with Rotten Tomatoes for Movie Reviews
Post by: HCK on May 21, 2010, 07:00:10 pm
iTunes Hooks Up with Rotten Tomatoes for Movie Reviews

Sniff, sniff… what’s that smell? Ah, it’s Rotten Tomatoes, now integrated with iTunes. Smells like a great idea to us!Flixster, the parent company of the popular Rotten Tomatoes movie review website, has announced that its popular “Tomatometer” scores have been officially integrated into Apple’s iTunes Store. Rotten Tomatoes aggregates movie reviews from leading critics all over the web and shares those reviews with movie fans.“The Tomatometer, which is based on the reviews of hundreds of critics, is a trusted measurement of quality for millions of moviegoers, and has become a familiar sight to movie fans since Rotten Tomatoes’ inception in 1998,” the company announced in a press release. “From the iTunes Store, users can click for more information and head directly to Rotten Tomatoes’ popular website.”Between parent company Flixster, the Rotten Tomatoes website and the combined companies’ mobile apps, more than 30 million moviegoers get their information from these sources each month.In addition to the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer being integrated into the desktop version of iTunes, the data is also featured in both the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad versions of the iTunes Store -- protecting you from really bad movies on most any Apple iDevice you own, anytime.