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Author Topic: Prime Minister of Norway Among the 500k iPad Owners  (Read 925 times)
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Prime Minister of Norway Among the 500k iPad Owners

(Image courtesy of TUAW and Flickr)Apple’s products aren’t just lust-worthy to those of us in the United States -- foreign dignitaries have also been won over by their charm as well.TUAW is reporting that Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg can be counted among the early iPad buyers, thanks to the Flickr photo above, courtesy of user “Statsministerens kontor” -- which translates to “Prime Minister’s office.”Norway’s Prime Minister Stoltenberg was in Washington, D.C. this week to attend the Nuclear Security Summit 2010 and afterward spent some time in New York City, where he presumably picked up his new tablet-sized friend. It certainly won’t be the first time (or the last) when foreigners visiting this country have popped into a nearby Apple Store to acquire the hottest gadget not available in their home country.As TUAW notes, the Prime Minister may have plenty of time to get acquainted with his new pal, thanks to hundreds of flights bound for Europe being cancelled as a result of the Icelandic volcano explosion sending huge amounts of ash into the air.But don’t cry for him, Norway: Prime Minister Stoltenberg told the Dagbladet newspaper that he’s working remotely after his extended airport wait. The newspaper’s headline translates to “Jens Manages The Land with iPad from New York.”We bet Steve Jobs loves that idea!Other foreigners might not be so lucky: Local customs agents might actually prevent you from bringing the iPad into your country due to local regulations, such as the recent news that Israeli officials are blocking imports of the device over Wi-Fi concerns. But we imagine that won’t be a problem if you’re a foreign digitary…
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