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Author Topic: Fraud comes to headlines about Apple Pay  (Read 229 times)
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Fraud comes to headlines about Apple Pay

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<p>I am a cynical, grizzled veteran of the technology wars. I implemented my first payment system in 1995, and just a few weeks ago was programming in PHP to handle refunds through the online payment processor Stripe’s excellent interface.</p><p>But when I saw the variants on the headline, “Fraud Comes to Apple Pay,” I figured what was stated wasn’t true. Apple retains so very little information about credit cards registered to a phone, and tucks it away so securely, that this scenario seemed exceedingly unlikely.</p><p class="jumpTag"><a href="/article/2893528/fraud-comes-to-headlines-about-apple-pay.html#jump">To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here[/url]</p></section></article>

Source: Fraud comes to headlines about Apple Pay
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