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Author Topic: Why Popcorn Time's 'jailbreak-free' iOS hack is a bad idea  (Read 215 times)
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Why Popcorn Time's 'jailbreak-free' iOS hack is a bad idea

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Popcorn Time aggregates the world’s supply of movies and television shows into a beautifully organized and searchable display. It relies on peer-to-peer distribution using BitTorrent. Unfortunately for all concerned, the supply it taps into comprises almost entirely pirated content.</p><p>
It was well known that nearly all digital (and many digitized) television episodes and movies were available somewhere in the world, but putting a Netflix-like browsing interface on top of it that any ordinary user could access was a success. Popcorn Time quickly garnered millions of users. The main project was shut down over a year ago, but as it was open source, other versions forked from the original code.</p><p class="jumpTag"><a href="/article/2908014/popcorn-time-for-ios-requires-a-dangerous-workaround.html#jump">To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here[/url]</p></section></article>

Source: Why Popcorn Time's 'jailbreak-free' iOS hack is a bad idea
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