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Author Topic: How do I lock or hide text messages and phone calls?  (Read 3605 times)
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« on: January 20, 2008, 05:43:41 am »

Sorry I am a newbie here. Just got my phone a few days ago and someone told me about this site. It just seems that with a regular phone i was able to lock or hide stuff better than I am able to on this phone. I am not sure about the whole hacking thing because obviously i dont want to jack up my phone before i get a chance to enjoy it, but i guess i am just totally lost when it comes to the whole hack thing. Is it safe? Will it mess my phone up? Does it give me an advantage as far as things i can do with my phone? I am just trying to get some information. Thanks in advance.
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hi first post here just do a jailbreak pretty much 99% safe then install thru installer SMSd and CALLd an then it will have more advanced features for saving messages and deleting individual calls and m'sgs am a bit ov a pro now with iPhones im posting off 1 now ERM if any 1 knows a decent source for installer that contains psx or gba roms !!!!!  If I was helpful gimme a thumbs up. Smile
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