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Author Topic: The Week in iOS Accessories: Keeping cables nice  (Read 218 times)
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The Week in iOS Accessories: Keeping cables nice

<article class="slideshow"><figure class="slide"><figcaption>Keeping cables nice</figcaption><img data-imageid="100607038" src="" data-thumb-src="" alt="accessories lede 100582373 gallery"/><div class="slideBody"><p>This week’s roundup includes a couple of accessories that solve the problem of keeping your cables un-bent and un-broken. Read on!</p></div></figure><figure class="slide"><figcaption>Bucardo</figcaption><img data-imageid="100607042" src="" data-thumb-src="" alt="pendulum"/><div class="slideBody"><p>The Pendulum Collection is still in its Kickstarter phase, but we like the core idea: Stick your Apple Watch on the end of a chain, like a pocket watch or pendant, and rock your new-school iOS device in a very old-school way. (Next up: Google Glass is replaced by Google Monocles.)</p><p class="jumpTag"><a href="/article/2970119/mobile-accessories/the-week-in-ios-accessories-keeping-cables-nice.html#jump">To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here[/url]</p></section></article>

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