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Author Topic: Wired Magazine Isn’t Worried About Apple’s New iPhone OS 4.0  (Read 958 times)
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Wired Magazine Isn’t Worried About Apple’s New iPhone OS 4.0

While Apple appears to be putting the kibosh on Adobe’s plans to port Flash apps to the iPhone and iPad, one publisher isn’t worried.Advertising Age is reporting that Wired magazine’s iPad app works just fine on the device, according to publisher Condé Nast -- despite what they call “restrictive new guidelines” that Apple issued this month with iPhone OS 4.0. Of course, it has yet to go through Apple’s App Store approval process, but the publisher appears confident it can meet the new guidelines that have so many others in a twist.The publishers of Wired have been working with Adobe to develop interactive editions of the publication, aimed at tablet computers such as the iPad. Condé Nast’s choice of working with Adobe was an effort to minimize the need for a tablet-specific version of the magazine by integrating the print edition more closely with the electronic one.Condé knew going in that Apple has prevented Adobe Flash on the iPhone OS, a situation which has only grown less hopeful with the introduction of the iPad. But Adobe has a workaround with its latest Creative Suite 5 introduced last week, which allows Flash developers to package their apps for the iPhone OS.Those plans hit a brick wall when Apple unveiled iPhone OS 4.0, which specifically forbid developers from writing apps outside of their own SDK -- including Adobe’s workaround.“We are working with Adobe to prepare Wired’s reader app for the iPad, and will be compliant with Apple’s new guidelines,” a Condé spokeswoman told Advertising Age, declining to elaborate on how that will actually work.“We are working with Condé Nast on a cross-platform version of Wired, for distribution to multiple devices and operating systems,” claims a spokesman for Adobe. “To bring Wired to iPad, Condé Nast plans to follow Apple’s legal requirements.”Back in February, Wired previewed its plans for a tablet computer app, as shown in the embedded video below.
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