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Author Topic: Jobs Says Apple Made A Boo-Boo In Rejecting Pulitzer Winner's App  (Read 779 times)
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Jobs Says Apple Made A Boo-Boo In Rejecting Pulitzer Winner's App

According to The New York Times, Steve Jobs feels that his company made a fairly big mistake in rejecting an iPhone app from a cartoonist that has now gone on to win a Pulitzer Prize.  In typical fashion, Apple's PR department opted not to comment as an Apple spokeswoman declined comment.  But, that didn't stop the man in charge.  Jobs, Apple's CEO, responded to an email (again!) from a customer, Robert Williamson, who had inquired about Mark Fiore's denied app."This was a mistake that's being fixed," Jobs responded.Williamson then passed on the message to The New York Times.As part of his message to Jobs on Friday, Williamson had protest Apple's original decision in rejecting the app, stating: "While someone can still view these on the web with no problem, I would like to say that having these and others of their ilk available more widely as apps in a benefit to society.  While ridicule might be involved, they it can play an important role in civic discourse -- look to the Fool in King Lear, or other similar jesters in a royal court for examples the importance of satire."Continuing on, he adds: "Editorial cartoons of all stripes should get a pass when it comes to the license agreement with the exception of those that espouse violence."And quick to add on a P.S. for good measure, Williamson adds: "my folks are enjoying the iPad I bought them (and they are in their 90's)."Jobs' signature line read, "Sent from my iPad," which is a reflection of the default signature on the iPad.Image courtesy of
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