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Author Topic: How to limit ad tracking on iPhone and iPad  (Read 146 times)
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How to limit ad tracking on iPhone and iPad

Do you sometimes feel like your iPhone is watching to you?

If you've recently noticed that some advertisements you receive within apps seem oddly similar to something you've just been reading about or a game you've just started playing, it's not because Siri is listening in on your conversations or because your iPhone has gained self-awareness. It's because you have ad tracking on your iPhone.

How to turn off location-based iAds
How to enable Limit Ad Tracking
How to clear your tracked data
What is ad tracking?

Apple keeps track of a significant amount of information about you, including such things as your age, location, and what Apple products you own. It also gathers information on ebooks you've read, movies you've watched, and TV shows you follow. When you are reading stories in the News app, Apple knows. When you pass level 10 on that really hard game, Apple can find out.

All of this is for a reason: Apple's iAd platform. iAds show up as inline banners or full page pop ups i...

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