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Author Topic: 5 top tips to get your cables under control  (Read 227 times)
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5 top tips to get your cables under control

How do you manage your cables and get your cords under control? Here are our top organizational tips!

Getting a new desk, computer monitor, TV, or other device is exciting, but dealing with the power cords, connection cables, and all the other wires that come with them is a different story. It's impossible to do away with every cable or cord needed to run all your tech, there are a lot of ways to manage your cables more efficiently, which can help you eliminate the stress of a disorganized space.

1. Move closer to outlets

I live in an old house, and I know power outlets can sometimes be in some inconvenient spots but, if you can move closer to wall outlets, it will prevent power cables from needing to stretch across the room. This small change can help minimize the look of clutter, and prevent tripping over cables.

2. Go wireless where you can

Almost anytime you can go wireless; you'll get some relief from your cable madness, Wireless Bluetooth headphones and speakers are prime ...

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