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Author Topic: Twitter: Everything you need to know!  (Read 132 times)
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Twitter: Everything you need to know!

Everything you need to know about Twitter … in more than 140 characters.

"Tweeting" has almost become as ubiquitous a verb as "googling", but if you're not sure what Twitter even is, you may be at a loss for words (or characters). Here's everything you need to know about Twitter.

October 10, 2017: Twitter's working on a way to let you privately save tweets for later

According to a tweet by Twitter Product Manager Jesar Shah, Twitter is in the process of building a "Save for Later" feature that will allow users to privately bookmark tweets without cluttering up their likes or using third party apps:

For Hack Week @Twitter we started developing #SaveForLater. Here’s the early prototype that we put together in a week, which is likely to change.— jesar 💭 (@jesarshah) October 9, 2017

A native bookmarking feature has been a top priority request for many individuals for quite awhile now, especially in Japan. Up until this point,...

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