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Author Topic: Facebook: Everything you need to know!  (Read 118 times)
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Facebook: Everything you need to know!

Curious about the world's favorite social networking site? Learn all you need to know about Facebook here!

Pretty much everyone has a Facebook account. Grandmas, middle schoolers, celebrities, fast food restaurants — you name 'em, and I can say with at least 85% certainty that you'll be able to find them on Facebook. However, maybe you've just emerged from some sort of self-imposed Walden forest isolation scenario and are extremely confused about this whole Facebook business. Or maybe you're just a casual user who wants to know how to better utilize the site so you can get the full Facebook experience. Either way, fear not: we've got you covered.

What's new with Facebook?

Check back here for the latest updates in Facebook news.

October 20, 2017 - PayPal and Facebook unite to launch peer-to-peer payments in Messenger

Online money transfer service PayPal announced today that they've beat Apple to the punch: consumers in the US will now be able to request, send and rec...

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