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Author Topic: AMD Radeon Vega Architect leaves AMD for Intel  (Read 59 times)
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AMD Radeon Vega Architect leaves AMD for Intel

Former Apple employee and AMD GPU Guru Raja Koduri leaving for Intel

When you're good at what you do, the big leagues will be coveting your skill set. Raja Koduri, the GPU architect who developed the technology behind the AMD Radeon Vega GPU that's in the iMac Pro, has gone on to supposed greener pastures at Intel.

We reported that Koduri was taking a sabbatical from AMD after the release of the Vega Architecture amid rumours that the leave was due to various unimpressive reviews of the GPU technology in gaming. The fact of the matter is that the Vega architecture actually performs equal to or better than high end Nvidia offerings when using productivity applications. Hence why it will be such a benefit to the iMac Pro.

Intel with AMD, an unholy alliance?

There is more to this move than meets the eye however. Intel announced that new slim profile computers will now use an Intel CPU with AMD graphics on chip. AMD and Intel compete on the CPU battlefield but AMD has IP far beyond I...

Source: AMD Radeon Vega Architect leaves AMD for Intel
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