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Author Topic: Amazon Echo and Echo Plus review (2017)  (Read 61 times)
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Amazon Echo and Echo Plus review (2017)

Amazon now has a full family of Echo speakers — the only hard part is choosing which one to get.

Think about Amazon and where it started. First, shipping books to your home. Later, shipping everything to your home. Maybe Amazon Echo — and Alexa along with it — won't be the most important legacy of the Seattle-based company, but you certainly could make the argument.

Because think about another product that lasted as long as the first-generation Echo. The tube-speaker was introduced in late 2014 and became widely available the following summer. Now, toward the end of 2017, we get not one but two new takes on the original.

The OG Amazon Echo has a new look. And the upscale — and pricier — Echo Plus crams more sound into the old design.

Which one's right for you? And where do these fit in the family that's quickly become one of the quickest invites into any home?

Let's do this thing. This is the Amazon Echo and Echo Plus review.

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