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Author Topic: Best document scanning apps with OCR for iPhone  (Read 110 times)
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Best document scanning apps with OCR for iPhone

Go paperless with these awesome apps for scanning documents on iPhone!

Know what's not fun? Keeping track of hundreds of physical documents stuffed into folders, stuffed into filing cabinets, stuffed into closets and storage. Whether you're looking to go fully paperless or just want to keep digital copies of your documents, scanning apps can make quick work of your seemingly unconquerable stack of papers. These apps are some of the best to help you digitize your docs!

Notes (in iOS 11)
Adobe Scan
Scanner Pro
Office Lens

Notes (in iOS 11)

When iOS 11 ships, you'll be able to use the Notes app to scan your documents and create digital files. Using the new, more intelligent camera system in iOS 11, your iPhone will automatically recognize, capture, crop, and enhance documents you "scan" using Notes.

The Notes app supports multi-page documents; editing features including four-pin cropping, color filtering (color document, grayscale, black & white, and photo), ...

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