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Author Topic: Top 1,000 Paid iPad Apps Bringing In $372,000 A Day?  (Read 715 times)
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Top 1,000 Paid iPad Apps Bringing In $372,000 A Day?

 $372,000 is the estimated revenue that is being generated by the top 1,000 paid iPad apps claimed Weather HD developer vim, according to MacNN.  That number is coming from the company's own analysis and experiences within the App Store, as well as numbers coming in for the top 100 apps via Applyzer.  Figuring that the estimate is fairly on the money (no pun intended), the burgeoning iPad app market could wind up being about $136 million a year, says vimov.Should iPad apps follow in the steps of the iPhone, and following May, wind up selling in about a 40 to 60 percent ratio internationally, vimov is estimating that the iPad app market could explode to $272 million a year.  If you want to take it a step further, should the iPad app market follow the iPhone's growth from 100 million apps in two months to 4 billion apps in 19 months, could produce about $1 billion a year!  Lest we forget that 30 percent of that money involved goes back to Apple.But the analysis does ignore apps outside of the top 1,000 and also proceeds to make a few educated guesses.  The above numbers are based on 500,000 iPad owners that are regularly scooping up new apps, but in actuality the amount of device owners is well beyond that.  Also, as is the case with some iPhone owners, it's being expected that some iPad owners will ultimately reach their limit of apps, and the appeal could decrease due to cost.  As most know, a lot of iPad apps are more expensive than that of the iPhone's and could lead to a price reduction, to meet the 'ol laws of supply and demand.  Regardless, this should only add to Apple's continual record breaking profit numbers.
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