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Author Topic: Game of the week: Let Them Come  (Read 56 times)
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Game of the week: Let Them Come

Start the new year off right by shooting aliens in the face!

After lots of eggnog, food, merriment, and reminiscing about how great 2017 was for iOS gaming, I'm ready to get back to playing games on my iPhone and iPad and telling you all about them.

I started off the year by playing a simple, retro-style survival shooter called Let Them Come, and while it didn't blow me away, it was enjoyable enough to occupy a decent amount of my time this week.

$1.99 - Download Now

Fantastic retro style

I'm a sucker for a good retro-style game, and since it seems to be a common theme these days, I guess that means I'm lucky. In any case, Let Them Come delivers a fantastic experience by including high-quality 16-bit-style graphics that really do feel fresh while remaining true to video game roots.

On top of the graphics being top-notch, the soundtrack is incredible. The heavy synth and pulsating bass of the electronica tracks that make up the game's soundstage are not only adrenaline-pumping...

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