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Author Topic: Best Battery Cases for iPhone 7 Plus  (Read 65 times)
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Best Battery Cases for iPhone 7 Plus

What's the best battery case for iPhone Plus? We have some ideas!

The big ol' iPhone 7 Plus has a big ol' battery, but that's often not enough to get most people through a day of heavy use. That goes double for folks who use theirs as their primary camera (PORTRAIT MODE MY LIFE).

Carrying around an external battery pack can be cumbersome, so why not streamline the process and grab a battery case instead. It'll probably bulk things up a bit, but better bulky than brick.

Note: You'll likely have to compromise when it comes to headphones, since a lot of these cases connect via the Lightning port, so you won't be able to plug in EarPods or other Lightning headphones. You could just get some sweet wireless headphones instead.

mophie juice pack
Trianium Atomic Pro
Alpatronix BX170plus

mophie juice pack

Keep your iPhone 7 Plus' battery at a crisp 100% while keeping the battery case bulk to a minimum with the mophie protective battery juice pack.

This $90 battery pack...

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