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Author Topic: What's new in tvOS 11.3?  (Read 102 times)
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What's new in tvOS 11.3?

Apple pushed out an update to tvOS with new features. Here's everything that's changed in tvOS 11.3!

If you're in front of your television set right now, you can download the update to tvOS 11.3. There aren't a lot of new features, but the small changes make a big difference.

How to download tvOS 11.3 on your Apple TV

One Home screen for all your Apple TVs

This is the best possible alternative to having a backup of your Apple TV's operating system. Most information stored on your Apple TV is also saved in iCloud, so it's easy to get it back if you have to restore your Apple TV and start over. The Home screen has been left out of this cloud storage until now. Not only will all of your Apple TV devices show the same Home screen (if you want it), but if one of them needs to be reset, you can simply grab your Home screen from iCloud!

Changes to the TV app

You'll now be able to see what's playing live and what's coming soon for supported channels connected to the TV app (Apple names...

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