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Author Topic: Be on the lookout for this WhatsApp scam  (Read 62 times)
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Be on the lookout for this WhatsApp scam

Engadget's Matt Brian tweeted a clever WhatsApp scam that made its way into his Messages.

Clever!— Matt Brian (@m4tt) April 13, 2018

As you can see, the scammer attempts to create a sense of urgency by convincing the receiver that their phone number will be transferred to another device. Should they call the number included in the message, it's likely the scammer will use various tactics to get the receiver to divulge their information. As Matt Brian notes in his tweet, the number is a premium number, meaning it can be used to charge a fee to your phone bill. When you're faced with a situation like this — one where you fear you're losing your means of communication (text messages, phone calls, etc.) — it's easy to see how you could be convinced to quickly and easily hand over information that you might otherwise keep locked up tight.

When in doubt, search any suspicious numbers online — often others will have posted the phone num...

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