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Author Topic: Tim Cook's Apple  (Read 117 times)
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Tim Cook's Apple

Steve Jobs didn't believe in 'pimping Apple's karma' but Tim Cook has shown that Apple can do more than just create great products — it can help lead us to greatness as well.

Steve Jobs was not only Apple's co-founder, he was a visionary, futurist, and one of the most important cultural influencers of our time.

Apple. Mac. NeXT. Pixar. iMac. iPod. iTunes. iPhone. iPad. Any one of those would be the achievement of a lifetime. All of them, an unequaled achievement in any of our lifetimes.

Yet, seven years ago today, Steve Jobs stepped aside and recommended his then-COO to Apple's board as the next CEO.

Tim Cook wasn't and isn't a product person, not like Jobs. He didn't dream up the next world-changing device. What he did was make those dreams a reality. Famously, he didn't invent the iPad. He figured out how to make it for $500.

It would have been easy for Cook and his cool, steady Southern charm, to have continued as CEO much as he had as COO — running things by the ...

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