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Author Topic: Which electric travel mug should you buy?  (Read 120 times)
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Which electric travel mug should you buy?

We're a virtual company made up of tech experts from across the globe. We write morning, noon, and night and are expert coffee drinkers, consuming more than most humans should. You can rely on us to help you pick the perfect smart travel mug.

Cauldryn Fyre Mobile 2.0

Our Pick

$150 at Cauldryn


Keeps beverages hot.
Can boil water, heat soup, brew coffee and tea, and even cook freeze-dried food.
Modular, compatible with Cauldryn accessories like the blender in case you want to make smoothies on the go.
Expandable battery life with the Cauldryn battery add-on.
Controllable through an app for iPhone and iPad.
Charge via USB.

The Cauldryn Fyre Mobile is the electric travel mug to beat. Not only will it keep your beverages hot, but you can also make hot beverages in the Fyre Mobile. With Cauldryn's range of accessories, you can swap out the battery and heating element for a blender element. This additional capability and battery do have a trade-off, and the Fyre Mobi...

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