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Author Topic: Should you connect your Wonderboom to your TV?  (Read 81 times)
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Should you connect your Wonderboom to your TV?

Best answer: The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom can't connect to your TV. Even if it could, you're much better off going with a dedicated TV speaker like the TaoTronics Soundbar.

Amazon: TaoTronics Soundbar ($70)
Amazon: Ultimate Ears Wonderboom ($68)
The Wonderboom is not for your TV

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is strictly wireless, meaning you can only connect to it with Bluetooth and most TVs don't come equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter. Plus, the Wonderboom only has one port on it — microUSB — and it's only capable of charging the speaker, so no matter what dongle or cable you buy, you won't be able to connect your Ultimate Ears Wonderboom to your TV.

Even if you could connect the Wonderboom to your TV, you really wouldn't want to. Small speakers such as the Wonderboom lack stereo sound, power, and frequency response to truly handle a TV's audio signal with any real fidelity.

Why is a soundbar better?

In short, soundbars are built to work with TVs and are one of t...

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