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Author Topic: Apple Watch Nike+ Series 4 Review  (Read 156 times)
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Apple Watch Nike+ Series 4 Review

There's a whole new Apple Watch Series 4, and that means a whole new Apple Watch Nike+ Series 4. And it's terrific.

Nike is one of the two big brands Apple has partnered with for the Watch, the other being Hermes. Yeah, talk about your opposite ends of the spectrum. I'll have a fashionable Hermes stainless steel and leather review up for you soon but right now I want to get some fitness on with the aluminum and polyelastomer Nike+.

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Previously, on Apple Watch…

Apple Watch Series 4 builds on everything Apple's been engineering since the original in 2015. This review focuses on the new. For everything else, please see the previous reviews:

Apple Watch Series 4 (2018) Review
Apple Watch Series 4 (2018) Review: Two weeks later


Apple Watch Nike+ has always been a variant of what Apple used to call the Sport and now simply classifies as the aluminum watch. It comes in silver or ...

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