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Author Topic: Best battery packs for Ghostbusters World  (Read 100 times)
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Best battery packs for Ghostbusters World

Who you gunna call!? No one, because your battery is dead after playing Ghostbusters World all weekend. So grab your external battery pack along with your proton pack and never worry about your battery dying again! Here are the best battery packs for playing Ghostbusters World with.

Keep 'em charged all night

TECNICPRO Portable Charger

Automatically charge your iPhone in the safest, quickest way with help from the TECNICPRO Portable Charger. This lightweight, thin, scratch-resistant, anti-slip battery pack is perfect for trekking around your neighborhood, and if you're worried about it not giving your iPhone that full charge, never fear: the TECNICPRO Portable Charger can hold up to 9 days of power and can charge your phone more than 7 times faster than a standard wall-plug!

$40 at Amazon

Solar powers: activate!

Errbbic Solar Power Battery

You're going to be spending a lot of time outside playing Ghostbusters World, so why not have a portable charger that works hand-in-han...

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