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Author Topic: tvOS 13: Keeping Apple TV relevant in 2019  (Read 44 times)
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tvOS 13: Keeping Apple TV relevant in 2019

Yes, even in the age of the TV app on Samsung smart tvs and Roku streaming boxes, Apple is still making the Apple TV and updating tvOS. This year, taking it to 13. I'll get to the why in a minute, but first here's the what.

Rather watch than read? Hit play on the video above!

Starting with the new home screen. Apple has made it dynamic, so whatever app is highlighted can just start playing video and showing off content to you right away. It's meant to be more immersive and to draw you in to new and interesting shows and experiences. But… Ah… I don't know.

Netflix has been doing this for a while and I find it incredibly annoying because it means I can't stop browsing for even a second to do something else — something that often requires a modicum of concentration — without being bombarded by a noisy trailer.

But it's the noisy part that really gets me. I don't honestly care what's playing on screen because I'm either looking and interested or not lookin...

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