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Author Topic: iPad apps on Mac: Project Catalyst Explained  (Read 28 times)
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iPad apps on Mac: Project Catalyst Explained

Project Catalyst is fiendishly clever in its simplicity: Developers were already making iPad-specific versions of their iPhone apps, why not let them make Mac-specific versions of their iPad apps?

There's been a problem for a while with Mac software. When Apple bought NeXT, it inherited the legit brilliant NeXTStep technology and the AppKit framework for making apps. Apple built on them for generations, adding everything from CoreGraphics to CoreAnimation, SceneKit to Metal. But, the Mac's market share was never huge. So, while the Mac always had great apps, phenomenal apps, it never attracted a great number of them.

Then came the iPhone and the enormous popularity of the App Store. It used a new framework called UIKit, built on the many lessons learned from AppKit. And it became so popular, millions of developers raced to make millions of apps for it.

The iPad also used UIKit, of course. So, many of those developers were willing to risk the tiny little step it took to make tabl...

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