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Author Topic: Apple Promotes Apple Card in New Ad  (Read 53 times)
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Apple Promotes Apple Card in New Ad

Apple this morning shared a new video ad on its YouTube channel, highlighting the Apple Card, which became available for all iPhone users in the United States last week.

In the spot, Apple goes over the features of the <!---->Apple Card<!---->, highlighting the <!---->Apple Card<!----> interface in the Wallet app. <!---->Apple Card<!----> is designed to offer up visual spend tracking, changing the color of the virtual card to match the categories that users are spending in.

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<!---->Apple Card<!----> is here. It's a new kind of credit card, created by Apple, not a bank. With a better way to track where you spend. Daily Cash you get back every day. And a new level of privacy and security. Nice.
The ad shows off both the physical titanium card that can be used for in-store purchases and the <!---->Apple Card<!----> in the Wallet app, used for Apple Pay purchases.

Apple is likely to begin showing this ad on television, social media, and other locations in the near future in an effort to get additional users to sign up.

<!---->Apple Card<!----> is designed to simplify the credit card experience, offering up clear spend tracking and payment options to minimize the amount of interest spent. It offers cash back rewards that max out at 3 percent, and rewards are provided on a daily basis through Daily Cash.

For more on <!---->Apple Card<!---->, make sure to check out our full Apple Card guide.

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