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Author Topic: Former Apple exec says current team is too busy  (Read 78 times)
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Former Apple exec says current team is too busy

What you need to know

Apple has fewer executives than Microsoft.
It has more people reporting into those executives, too.
One unnamed former exec says the structure isn't effective.
Are there too many Cooks in the kitchen?

Apple's leadership team has changed considerably in recent years and a new report by The Information takes a deeper look at what that means for the company.

With Apple continuing to grow, the report investigates the impact that is having on the current executive team and its structure. One former executive weighed in to say that the current setup "doesn't look particularly effective," too.

Two particular examples are held up. Head of retail Angela Ahrendts left recently, with her duties being picked up by current executive Diedre O'Brien. Design chief Jony Ive is also on his way out of the company, with Jeff Williams picking up the slack. That leaves both with considerably larger teams and mini-businesses to deal with.

  What becomes clear is how the number o...

Source: Former Apple exec says current team is too busy
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