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Author Topic: Apple Watch Series 5: Always-on hands-on  (Read 59 times)
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Apple Watch Series 5: Always-on hands-on

it's here: The Apple Watch Series 5. was there ever really any doubt?

1. Apple Watch Series 5: New Ceramic & Titanium Finishes

The aluminum Apple Watch Series 5 comes in roughly the same shades as before — silver, and anodized space gray and gold. Roughly because Apple's exact shade of gold seems to vary slightly year to year.

Stainless steel is also the same: Polished and DLC-coated space black. They have expanded things slightly, though: You can now get the Hermes version in space black as well.

Making its return is white ceramic, which originally debuted with Apple Watch Series 2 but was absent last year on the Series 4.
And, brand new for Series 5, titanium in brushed metal and DLC-coated space black.

Because it's brushed rather than polished, the titanium looks quite different than the steel. Not quite the same as the aluminum, but somewhere in between.

Enough, at least, to trigger anyone who insists their lugs match their casings exactly.

Titanium also weigh...

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