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Author Topic: Apple TV+'s 'Ghostwriter' is off to a Wonderful start  (Read 204 times)
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Apple TV+'s 'Ghostwriter' is off to a Wonderful start

Books should still play an essential part in our life, according to this series for the entire family.

Back in 1992, PBS and the BBC joined forces with the makers of the still-popular Sesame Street to create an innovative series that taught reading and writing. The original "Ghostwriter" featured a diverse cast of Brooklyn, New York pre-teens, and ran for three years until funding dried up.

The new Ghostwriter series once again comes from Sesame Workshop (once called Children's Television Workshop).  Now, however, it has the backing of Apple (and its vast cash reserves). It's one of two Sesame Workshop series arriving on the new Apple TV+ web network, the other being the pre-school series, Helpsters.

This time around, Ghostwriter (produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment) is focused on teaching its audience about literature, including classics and new content.

At the launch of Apple TV+, the iPhone maker dropped four 30-minute episodes. Each story arc (at least so far) contains two...

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