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Author Topic: Nothingburgers: They don’t have to be what’s for lunch  (Read 111 times)
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Nothingburgers: They don’t have to be what’s for lunch

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<p>One of the things that frustrates The Macalope is that pundits spend way too much time criticizing Apple for nothingburgers. Have you heard of these nothingburgers? The burgers, they make them from nothing these days.</p><p>Often Apple is criticized for things it hasn’t even done. Just one example: this summer saw the Forbes contributor network and exclusive distributors of the Impossible Nothing Burger spend months telling us how ugly the iPhone 11 Pro would be. It wasn’t. But they are glibly on to the next thing.</p><p>Why would you do that when there are actual things to criticize Apple for?</p><p>November 9th marked the 30th anniversary of the “fall” of the Berlin Wall (erm, excuse me, but the Wall didn’t so much “fall” as it was first rendered useless by popular action and later torn down, yes, I recognize this is a story time at a public library, I will leave of my own accord thank you very much). To mark the anniversary, <a href="" rel="nofollow">Tim Cook tweeted[/url]:</p><p class="jumpTag"><a href="/article/3452873/nothingburgers-they-don-t-have-to-be-what-s-for-lunch.html#jump">To read this article in full, please click here[/url]</p></section></article>

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