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Author Topic: Best Target Black Friday deals 2019  (Read 96 times)
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Best Target Black Friday deals 2019

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<p>If you’re in the market for phones, smart home accessories, gaming devices, TVs, or fitness trackers, Target’s deals are, well, right on target. The retailer is even selling some phones for “free”—with a qualifying activation from Verizon, AT&amp;T, or Sprint, that is.</p><p>Target is a good source of Apple-related deals, too, and for those we recommend checking out our list of the best Apple-related Black Friday deals. Standouts there include $200 gift cards with some iPhone purchases and a record low price for the new 10.2-inch iPad (which a few other retailers are matching).</p><p class="jumpTag"><a href="/article/3455234/best-target-black-friday-deals-tech-2019.html#jump">To read this article in full, please click here[/url]</p></section></article>

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