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Author Topic: Pokémon 816 Sobble  (Read 170 times)
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Pokémon 816 Sobble

Name: Sobble (Japanese: メッソン Messon)

Classification: Water Lizard Pokémon

Type: Water

Generation: Gen VIII Galar Region

Gender Ratio: 87.5% Male to 12.5% Female

Height: 1'

Weight: 8.8 lbs


Evolves into Drizzile at level 16

Alternate Formes: None

How to catch in Sword/Shield:


How to catch in Go: Not Available Yet

Description: A tiny, light blue lizard with dark blue spots, Sobble is the Water type starter Pokémon for the Galar Region. It has a long, curled tail and a yellow fin atop its head. Its tiny feet have two toes each and can stick to most any surface. Sobble runs on both two legs and four, and is capable of camouflaging itself when in contact with water. Extremely timid, Sobble secretes water when nervous or scared so it can disappear. Named for its sobs, Sobble's tears are as potent as 100 onions and make anyone nearby also burst into tears. If threatened, Sobble will cry uncontrollably, forcing those around it to also cry, a...

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