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Author Topic: This strange Apple Watch battery issue surfaces  (Read 17 times)
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« on: August 26, 2020, 04:05:16 pm »

This strange Apple Watch battery issue surfaces

Is your Apple Watch battery acting weird? You're not alone.

Some Apple Watch owners have experienced an odd battery issue. Unfortunately, it's a problem without a definitive solution, although there are plenty of troubleshooting steps worth trying.

Your Apple Watch's battery suddenly gets stuck at 100% and stays that way until it dies without warning hours later. It's an issue I dealt with earlier in the year with my Apple Watch Series 5. Luckily, it's one that hasn't been repeated thanks to dedicated posters over on the Apple Support forum.

What's the issue?

For most folks, the issue follows a familiar pattern. After appearing stuck at 100% for many hours, the Apple Watch battery eventually shuts down. When being recharged, the watch starts at around 70% (never below this) until it reaches 100%, then the process begins again.

As this 13 page (and counting) online posting shows, this issue doesn't appear isolated to one Apple Watch model or watchOS software version. Weirdly, it'...

Source: This strange Apple Watch battery issue surfaces
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