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Author Topic: 10.6.6 update messed me up!  (Read 1547 times)
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« on: January 07, 2011, 12:24:57 am »

I actually purchased a Hackintosh a few months back.  Desktop pro i7...   Was working great.  Had 10.6.3 installed.  I updated to 10.6.6 this morning and all looked fine until I noticed that the computer wasn't recognizing and audio outputs.  I messed with it for awhile and couldn't get it to work.  I'm a video editor so I needs my audio!  I decided to use Time Machine to restore my System folder.  Probably a dumb idea...  Screens turned blue and I haven't been able to boot back into OS X.  I get the grey screen and the spinner just spins and spins.  I did some research and burned me several different versions of the Boot 132 disc and got as far as the grey screen again after I inserted the 10.6.3 install dvd.  Pretty desperate for some help if anyone can lend a hand.  BTW- I can boot into Windows no problem and the sound works fine there.
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