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Author Topic: Simultaneous voice and data: there was an ad for that  (Read 337 times)
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Simultaneous voice and data: there was an ad for that

Who remembers the great carrier wars of 2009? Yes, back before Apple and Verizon became best buddies who worked together for years to create the ideal iPhone experience for VZW customers, Verizon was aiming for the jugular with the "There's a Map For That" and "Misfit Toys" ads poo-poohing AT&T's network coverage. In fact, things got so tense that AT&T and Verizon sued each other over the claims in those blue and red ads.
Now that everyone's friends again, we've pointed out the fact that Verizon's version of the iPhone, like all the other phones on its CDMA network, will not support simultaneous voice and data; this despite the rumors from last summer that the carrier would roll out VoRA technology to do exactly that. More than a few readers and Twitter followers have said "Who cares? I don't use simultaneous voice and data, and I can't see why it matters."
The answer to "who cares," at least if you go back to late 2009 and the VZW/AT&T caterwauling, is Apple's marketing team. Let's set the Wayback Machine to this delightful iPhone ad, visible in the continuation of this post, and think about sending email while we chat and ordering flowers during a call. Yes, apparently those who cannot remember the past actually are doomed to repeat it.Continue reading Simultaneous voice and data: there was an ad for thatSimultaneous voice and data: there was an ad for that originally appeared on TUAW on Tue, 11 Jan 2011 15:00:00 EST.  Please see our terms for use of feeds.Source | Permalink | Email this | Comments
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