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Author Topic: Experts: iPad Before Bed Makes for Some Crazy Dreams  (Read 908 times)
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Experts: iPad Before Bed Makes for Some Crazy Dreams

Did you use your iPad before bed last night? Having problems  understanding why Tom Paxton wanted to take a bite out of those canoes  you were wearing on your feet in that dream last night? UCLA might have  the answers you're looking for.The Los Angeles Times reports that the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center believes that using the iPad for extended periods of time before turning in for the night can muck about with your sleep patterns, and can lead to some unsettling dreams--even insomnia.According to the Sleep Disorder Center's Director Frisca Yan-Go, the light generated by the iPad's screen can inhibit the production of melatonin, a chemical produced by your body that helps you get your 40 winks. By holding that clear, bright tablet up to your face to read before bed, you're fooling your body into believing that it's still light outside, and therefore time to be up and awake.Via Yahoo
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