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Author Topic: Toshiba Tecra S2  (Read 6456 times)
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« on: April 10, 2007, 08:32:04 pm »

Hello,  I'm trying mac out to see if it runs a few pieces of software better than Linux
or Win86, so here's my attempt covered throughout the process, in case I actually make
it work.

Here are my Specs:

Toshiba Tecra S2, Intel Centrino 1.86ghz (Hope the Wireless works!)
512 DDR
80Gb Toshiba Laptop Drive
DVD/CDRW Combo Drive (chuga chuga chug)
15" LCD Screeninator

Step 1: I had to partition my hard drive, and there are several recommended methods using
Win86 and Linux, of which I tried both.  Neither really produced what the install program was
looking for, instead under the utilities menu on the osX setup dvd there was a Disk Utility, which
saw the hard drive, 80gb Toshiba, and allowed me to Erase it and format using Mac Extended

Step 2: Now that the hard drive is in the menu I just click click click until it is done requesting input
and, hmm...  It's verifying the entire dvd.  For a long time this happens.  If you stare into the wavy
bar for a long time, you can see where they tried to do the car tire rim thing with the forward-backward
motion.  It's making me drowsy

Step 3: Skipping Step 3 because Step 2 took so long.

Step 4: Step Four is simply watching Step 2 stop checking it's dvd and go into what I like to call Step 4 1/2,
the install process.  I'm about 10 minutes into it right now and it says 1.13 hours left.  Writing files is 81%
complete.  Are you still with me?  My counter appears to be going up instead of down.  Yes I've just confirmed
this fact. The install time left is officially increasing ...

Step 5: After the counter starts going down, and Writing files is complete, the Installer Script, Configuration, and
what not will run then it will start Installing Essentials.  Time left is now being "guesstimated" by the computer, and
it's simply saying "About and Hour".  Nice.

Step 6: Time seems to be progressing at a rather awkward rate, so I will keep informing you as situations arise.  The
BSD subsystem will now install.  Wait a minute?  This is BSD?  I hope it's a nice gui...

Step 7: About 30 Minutes says the computer...  Additional Essentials are next, possibly things like iTunes or stuff.  Hey
wait now that I think about it, where am I going to get software to run on this beast?  Anyone know?

Step 8: Asian Language Support.  Nice.  Talkin to them ladies in Asia.

Step 9: Migration Assistant, Mail, Address Book.  Morose, and not as exciting as Asians.

Step 10: Installing more iStuff

Step 11: Brother Printer drivers.  Mac users use Brother printers?  We have to talk.

Step 12: uh oh.  MBR is no good.  I have to reasearch how to fix this.

In addendum, I am currently trying to "0" out the drive using OSX Install CD's Disk Utility.  Updates
to follow.
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I was surprised it did not partition the drive the way it wanted or you were having trouble with the installer actually reading your drive?
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