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Author Topic: iPad 3Gs Are On Their Way!  (Read 728 times)
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iPad 3Gs Are On Their Way!

There's little doubt that a good number of our readers will be forgoing  showering today for fear of missing the UPS guy. That's right: The 3G  iPads are shipping.The bloggers over at TUAW have reported that a good number of their constituents have happily reported their having recieved an email from Apple declaring that their 3G tablets were en route. The majority of the emails estimated iPad deliveries arrival time somewhere in the neighborhood of today at 4:30.If you're the sort that prefers to bathe and dress on a regular schedule, rather than bend to the whims of a delivery driver, you can always pick up an iPad 3G at an Apple Retail location any time after May 7th April 30th.
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