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Author Topic: Invisible Interface Solution Patented By Apple  (Read 602 times)
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Invisible Interface Solution Patented By Apple

A new patent revealed today could possibly allow for future users of MacBooks to use the buttons to change their use and their description based on the respective application that one is using on their Mac according to 9to5 Mac.Apple's latest and greatest patent states that invisible and light-forming controls for MacBooks, would feature invisible to the eye micro-perforations that would allow light to form a type of device control."The technology, in-part, is being utilized in Apple's new Magic Mouse.  The no-button Mouse is what this patent is all about - and yet Apple takes us to the next level of where this could be going," Patently Apple remarked.Future possibilities could allow for the technology to be used on iPods, Apple TV, and MacBook keyboards.As part of the description in the patent, Apple theorizes of a possibility for the entire keyboard to be replaced by the invisible buttons.  "In this way, the truly seamless design has become a reality."Image courtesy of
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