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Author Topic: EMC exec sees iPad taking over... his house  (Read 838 times)
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EMC exec sees iPad taking over... his house

Filed under: iPadWhen I wrote last month about the pleasures and perils of sharing an iPad with your spouse, I didn't really grapple with the meta-challenge of a houseful of technophiles, all clamoring for their turn at bat. While there's already some contention between the adults and the two under-10s in the house, we grown-up folk have enough veto power to dictate who gets a chance with the iPad, and when. Between that authority, and the option of having the kids use an iPhone or iPod touch for fun and games, we're OK so far.

Some families are ahead of the curve, though. In a post charmingly titled What iPads Did To My Family, EMC marketing exec Chuck Hollis explains how one week with the iPad at home, shared among his wife and three high-school & college-aged offspring, has completely upended the device pyramid.

Chuck's house is pretty tech heavy, with a dozen computers and a slew of supporting gear spread out all over the place. He says that when he first brought the iPad home, the initial reaction was not positive -- "Oh no, Dad bought another toy" -- but that within hours, his wife had taken to the iPad for photo uploads. Within a day or two, all three kids were hooked.

Evening arguments over "who forgot to charge the iPad?" and "if you're going to eat pizza and use the iPad, at least wipe it!" became frequent. Spiking demand for the iPad was paired with a remarkable decline in need for other tech: "All the PCs and laptops are basically not being used. All the Macs are not being used. All have been powered off.... Everyone in the family is waiting for their turn at the iPad."

Eyes open and looking to the future, Chuck doesn't anticipate any more desktop computer purchases, and maybe not even any more laptop purchases. That may be a bit of hyperbole, but he's sold: "Sure, there's a handful of tasks that I still would prefer a real computer, but -- amazingly -- that list has now shrunk dramatically. In less than a week."

Instead, he's probably going to have to invest in more iPads.

How has the iPad changed your tech habits at home, and your purchase plans?

[Via Michael Gartenberg]
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