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Author Topic: TUAW looks back at Stevenotes past  (Read 584 times)
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TUAW looks back at Stevenotes past

   As Apple watchers, TUAW staffers tend to congregate in San Francisco each January for Macworld Expo. Until recently, the central event of each Expo was the Stevenote. Since TUAW bloggers have covered our fair share, I've collected some memories of Macworld Expo's Keynote Speeches. We'll start with Victor and Mike.


   The only one I attended was the Intel announcement in 2006. But it was huuuuge -- lots of gasps from the audience, it seems like a long time ago!

   Anyway, I remember Steve's polish and how it seemed to effortless for him. Like a geek showing his friends all his cool new toys.


   Among the Stevenotes I've attended (quite a few over the years), the one that stands out for me is Macworld Boston 1997. I was an enterprise customer at the time, and our Apple SE had arranged for me to get a pass to sit up front in the press section, quite near the stage.

   Steve's announcement of the alliance with Microsoft ($150m investment, IE to become default Mac browser, Office development locked in for at least 5 years) took a lot of people by surprise. The "IE to become the default Mac browser" announcement did not go over well at all. But it wasn't until the gigantic projected noggin of Bill Gates appeared on the screen that the situation turned ugly. In the press section, even, there were boos and stern shakings of heads along with the gasps and scattered applause from the audience.

   I don't think Steve had ever had a Macworld crowd go rogue in this fashion (see for yourself), and it seemed to me that he was a little bit embarrassed by the reaction. I certainly would have been -- you invite a guest into your keynote, representing a company that has just saved your company from possible doom and destruction, and the audience treats him like an unwanted interloper? Awkward.

   Aside from the 1997 event, I'd have to say that my two favorite keynotes were the ones I had the privilege of liveblogging for TUAW: 2008 and (the Steveless "Philnote") 2009. Unfortunately I missed the 2007 historic iPhone introduction, and had to get the play-by-play over the phone from Laurie Duncan (the roar of the crowd in the background as Steve asked "Are you getting it?" was spine-tingling).

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