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Author Topic: Video: How Much Touch Can the iPad Take?  (Read 553 times)
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Video: How Much Touch Can the iPad Take?

(Image & video courtesy of Matt Legend Gemmell)One iPhone OS developer set out to answer a friend’s question: How many simultaneous touch events can the iPad take? Read on for the answer.iPhone OS developer Matt Legend Gemmell set out to answer the age-old question of how many simultaneous touch events an iPad can take -- and the answer appears to be a Spinal Tap-ian 11. Gemmell came to this conclusion after writing code to essentially capture his finger presses, and the video proof is embedded below.“Please note that the videos show only ten touches,” Gemmell explains on his blog, “but I previously established [with the help of some extra fingers] that the iPad supports exactly 11. You can reproduce the result yourself using ten fingers and the pads of your thumbs, or lowest knuckle-joints of your index fingers, or your nose and chin (or just ask a friend, which will look less odd).”Gemmell is even offering the source code for his experiment for others to play with and explore. In the meantime, have a look at the video evidence here:
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