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Author Topic: AT&T and Apple Looking To Face Patent Suit Over Safari  (Read 714 times)
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AT&T and Apple Looking To Face Patent Suit Over Safari

Boy oh boy.  Another possible lawsuit for Apple.  According to iPodNN, Apple is facing one against company Softview, who is filing a patent infringement complaint through a District of Delaware court.Softview is setting its sights on the mobile version of Safari, the one found on the iPhone and iPod touch.  Of course, since the iPhone is involved, more than likely AT&T is going to be named as a culpable party.Why the reason for the filing?  Softview's patent maintains a description of a method of displaying "resolution-independent" web content on mobile devices, which would then be zoomed or panned for a better viewing experience.What is essential to the process is the software scaling of formats like HTML, XML and CSS, while at the same time maintaining the desktop layout of pages.  "Display lists may also be employed to provide further enhancements in rendering speed," the patent reads.  "Additionally, hardware-based programmed logic may be employed to facilitate various operations."In the request, Softview wants a preliminary and possibly permanent injunction against infringing Apple products, as well as an unspecified amount of damage payments.  But if this winds up being like similar cases, more than likely this case will wind up being settled outside of courts, or possibly even dismissed after a further and deeper investigation.
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