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Author Topic: Apple Announces New Beta for MobileMe Mail  (Read 598 times)
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Apple Announces New Beta for MobileMe Mail

Late Wednesday, Apple announced a new beta version of its MobileMe web application, available to all members of the service by simply requesting an invitation.If you’re a MobileMe user, Apple is asking for your help! They’ve launched a beta of their all-new MobileMe Mail web application, and current users of the service can sign up at just by logging in and clicking “Request an invitation” in the lower left corner of the Mail screen. You’ll receive an e-mail when Apple has switched you over to the new beta version, and then you can use it right away.Among the new features are both widescreen and compact views, which give you the ability to see more (or less) of your mail on screen. Mail rules will help you reduce inbox clutter by automatically filing messages into folders of your choosing ahead of time. Once you’ve set up Mail rules at, they’ll organize your incoming e-mail both on the web and on your other devices, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC.Single-click archiving is now also available, which files away a selected message into an Archive folder with just one click. Beta users will also get a new formatting toolbar to help beautify their e-mails, allowing you to bold or italicize text, change the font color, insert images and much more. The toolbar also lets you format web links to help disguise long URLs.Probably even more important than new features, the MobileMe beta at now loads your inbox and messages faster than ever before -- and more securely, thanks to new SSL protection for increased security. The beta also includes small interface refinements such as the ability to scroll through your entire inbox without having to manually click to load the next set of messages -- we’re all for that kind of progress!The MobileMe Mail beta works best with Safari 4, Firefox 3.6 or Internet Explorer 8, but full system requirements and other details have been posted to Apple’s website on a FAQ page. Oh, and fear not: If you’re not happy using the Mail beta, you can roll back to the old-school version at any time, according to the FAQ.
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