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Author Topic: Boxee Coming to Mobile Devices?  (Read 648 times)
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Boxee Coming to Mobile Devices?

Via Gizmodo, via the Boxee Blog, we learn that the people behind the  adorable little cube of entertainment have some big plans. The first  part of this is their partnering with Vindicia, an online payment and  microtransaction management service. Vindicia will allow Boxee to pick  up revenue no matter where you, the customer, are. So, you're  out and about, and you realize your Boxee subscription is due, no  problem, just pay from your iPhone via possibly an app. That's  step one, and Boxee is wise to get that step out of the way first. Cash  up front, let us say.But at the end of the blog article Gizmodo  quotes, after author Andrew Kippen is done discussing getting payments  set up on iPhones, iPads, and the Android platform, comes this little  teaser: "Boxee’s eventual expansion to these platforms will pave the way  for universally accessible content no matter where a user is (we love  this idea!)."We have to say, we love this idea too. There's only  one hitch we can see for iPhone and iPad users.  The possibility of  AT&T's beleaguered 3G network and its exclusive death grip on Apple devices lasting until 2012 as is the rumor. Obvious solution? More  carriers, more bandwidth, more ability to satisfy demand for streaming  content wherever you are.
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